• your Gateway to Japan market

    Amplify Japan is your gateway to Japan market.


    120 Million of High-Tech, Fashion, Design loving people are waiting for your products.

    No worry about language barriers, business culture differences.


    You do less, we do the most.

    We "Amplify" Your Business in Japan.

  • One stop & Turnkey

    Mmm...Still you think Japan is "closed" and "too special" market?

    No worry about complicated Japanese language, traditional business culture here.

    We, Amplify, fully support your business entry to Japan market.

    Your minimum input generates the biggest success in Japan.

    We are "Your Business Amplifier" in Japan.

  • Our Service

    Provide "ONE STOP" and "TURN KEY" service for your product launch in Japan.

    Product Market Fit

    Product Management / Marketing Professional

    We will find the best way to penetrate into Japanese market finding just right "Product Market Fit". Deep knowledge and long years of experiences on Product Management & Product Marketing strategy.

    Our talented team has right pedigree - Ex. Director of Product Management at Silicon Valley/Nasdaq company, Marketing / Sales Manager from Major Japanese company.

    Buzz Generation in Japan

    PR, Market Communication & Japanese Website

    Well established connections with Japanese medias and Press Release distribution channels.

    Our talented "Buzz Generator" will effectively manage SNS and media interaction to generate BUZZ in Japan market to have your product fully "FEATURED".

    Our Web designer creates your beautiful landing page in Japanese language, fully optimized SEO.

    No Language Barrier

    Translation & Copywriting in Japanese

    We speak English, very good English like you. And some other languages, too.

    Top of that, our talented team has long business experiences in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

    We understand your culture well, literary we are speaking same language as you.

    Minimum Risk & Trial

    Crowdfunding in Japan

    We respect your careful and well-thought business strategy to minimize risk on Japan entry.

    Amplify supports your trial sales on Japanese Crowdfunding platforms. Strong connection with major Crowdfunding platform ensures success of your project in Japan.

    Happy Selling

    E-Commerce & Sales Distribution

    Our talented "Ex-Amazonian" knows how to sell on E-Commerce in Japan. Selling on Amazon, Yahoo Shopping!. We support to build website with your own marketplace in Japan.  

    Find you the best matching retail channels and distributers in Japan.

    Need Certification?

    Technical support

    Products tend to be "Wireless" these days. Product with wireless connectivity needs Japanese Radio Certification. Electronics products with internal power supply needs Japanese Safety Approvals.

    We provide a professional services to get your products certified in Japan to make it "Sellable".

  • "LEAN" Japan entry

    Japan Market Entry process with Lean principle.

    Amplify provides well-thought and flexible market entry processes fitting for your purpose.


    - Kick off -


    Your tailor made Go to Market strategy


    - Alpha -


    Small scale trial selling to find the "right" product market fit.




    - Beta -

    Fine Tuning

    "Fine Tuned" & "Well adjusted" strategy defines your "PRODUCT" in Japan.


    - Release -

    Product Launch

    Happy Selling on major E-Commerce channels & your own Japanese Website.


    - Advanced - Scalable

    Matching with the best sales distribution channels and retailers in Japan.

  • Our Team

    We are all different, but highly productive team, lots of experiences with passion, creativity, and lots of fun.



    Product Management & Product Marketing Specialist

    15 years: Business in Europe

    10 years: Business in North America

    15 years: Audio / CE Tech industry

    20 years: Keep spending money for gadgets as "Professional" early adoptor




    Chief Communication Officer

    PR, Event & Social Buzz Generation Specialist

    5 years: Business in Australia

    15 years: PR & Event Organization business


    CSO, Chief Smiling Officer

    3 months: Toilet training - Diploma

    3 months: Dog school - Diploma

    2 years: Keep smiling for everyone coming to our office

    Ms. HTML

    Web Designer

    10 years: Freelance Web Designer

    10 years+ : Coffee addiction

    Mr. Dictionary - Contractor

    EN-JP Translation

    15 years: Technical & Marketing documents translation

    40-50 years: Existing in this world...

    Inspector GADGET - Contractor

    Product QA & Certification support

    5 years: Testing & Certification team in Major CE manufacturer

    5 years: Product QC & After service


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